Briers Garden Gift Set Sicilian, Fluerette and Flamingo Gardening Gloves Rigger (Pack of 3)

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Lemon Rigger Leather Gloves

Description :

The briers thorn-proof Sicilian lemon rigger gloves are crafted for a fairly ideal acceptable snug lasting use and make certain your garden works are done to the best ability. The lemon garden designed material and fortified suede guarantee all-around protection for your palms against thorns and alternative sharp objects when gardening.

Product Features :

  • The artistic sicilian lemon pattern puts you in the mood to go outside and start planting!
  • Its fortified suede protects your hands from thorns and sharp objects
  • These gloves are made up of a breathable material, designed to mold to the form of your hand, achieving the most comfort and ventilation
  • These gloves are ideal for hand drip-dry methodology and easy to wash

Fluerette Tuff Rigger Leather Gloves

Description :

Stay safe from any sorts of sharp objects, hedgehogs, thorns while working on your garden with the help of uniquely designed Briers Thorn-Proof Fleurette Rigger Gloves as it is made of thick suede material providing superior protection. The floral design works on the gloves looks beautiful as well as it lights up the overall style quotient.

Product Features :

  • Its Beautiful floral pattern can add up to the fashion quotient
  • The super-rigid suede material is thorn proof, protecting your hands from any sharp harmful objects in the garden
  • Gloves are hand wash-and-wear and simple to scrub
  • They sport a durable knuckle strap to guard the back of your hands
  • They are Crafted to be comfy to wear, the Briers Fleurette Gloves mold to your hand form

Flamboya Flamingo Leather Rigger Gloves

Description :

The Briers Thorn-Proof Flamboya Flamingo Rigger Gloves are extraordinarily planned with flamingo examples to look especially wonderful. As well as ensuring that your hands, while you are working in the garden, are protected against sharp items, thorns, and thistles. Improve your gardening wear with these flawlessly planned flamingo gloves.

Product Features :

  • It is Crafted to be snug for a long day, the Briers Flamboya Gloves mold to your hand form, providing an individualized match and comfy operating expertise
  • This thick suede material is thorn proof, protecting your hands throughout handling sharp objects
  • These gloves sport a knuckle strap to safeguard the backs of your hands
  • These gloves are hand washable and straightforward to wash



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